Lash Bonder

  • Our incredible Bonder helps you finish off a set of lashes knowing you have done everything within your power to give your clients the best retention! This Bonder instantly eliminates fumes caused by curing adhesive and seals the adhesive to create long-lasting retention. 
    Bonder can be used on all clients & all sets too! Best For sensitive clients or those prone to slight irritations.
    How To Use: Wait 3-5 mins after your last lash application, put 2-3 drops of Bonder on your microfiber brush. Apply only a small amount to the very base of the extensions where the adhesive bonds to the natural eyelash. **When applying on volume and mega volume fans, make sure you don’t soak the fan.

    30mL / 1 oz.


    *Last up to 8 months opened and 12 months unopened